Why Did We Choose Europe?

Susan Vrbanjac founded Strata Support with the intention of providing consistent, high-end quality outsourcing strata services.

After extensive research and time spent in various countries around the world (e.g., India), the ideal location was easily chosen, meeting all criteria:
– excellent English speakers,
– great written and communication abilities;
– well-educated and technologically savvy;
– able to think outside the box;
– western minded;
– similar work ethic to Australia;
– working conditions and employment legislation are closely linked with Australian laws;
– safety and stability;
– favourable time zone.

Final decision and choice of the country: Novi Sad, Serbia, Europe. Not only did it meet Strata Support’s needs, but it also met the needs of leading world-class foreign investors like IKEA, FIAT, Microsoft, Stada, Continental, Sitel, Coca-Cola, Delhaize, Michelin, Gazprom, Telenor, Bosch, and Simens, among others.

Globally, Serbia is fast becoming one of the most in-demand outsourcing destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. Strata Support was fortunate enough to recognise this country’s potential and be a part of its continual growth.